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Checked out original aplication files

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Currently in our system when somebody check out application file from Document Info Record another person is not able to display this file.

Do you know how we can configure system to allow users to see original application files checked out by somebody else?



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Hi Grzegorz,

based on your description I would kindly ask you to maintain a status with type 'O' in the status network of the used document type.

Please note that the status of type 'O' is set if one user checks out the original for editing. This change is done automatically if you have maintained a status with type 'O' in the backend transaction DC10 for this document type. This change is done to enable other users to display a former checked in version of this original. Without the status type 'O' other user are not able to display a checked out original. So it is recommended to maintain such a status.

To grant that one original gets corrupted because two user are editing it at the same time the original is opened in 'read-only' mode for further users. Only the first user who checks out the original is able to edit and check in the new version again. So without status type 'O' a second user should not be able to display a checked out document.

So the lock will still work without status type 'O' but then only one user is able to display or edit an original. In this case the further users will get an error message if they try to display an already checked out original.

I hope this information could be useful for you and I recommend you to maintain such a status type for your document type and then the second user should also be able to display the already checked out original.

Best regards,


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Hello Christoph,

Many thanks for your really useful information.

I have done configuration change as described by you. When one person check out original

application file then other users are still able to display it.

But there is one problem which was noticed during my testing.

If original application files is checked back in and somebody else trying to open up DIR with

mentioned application file then system gives message that files is still being process, even its already checked in.

Do you know what can cause it?

Many thanks,