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Check table and value table -Example

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Hi Experts

Please give me the step by step procedure to create the check table and value table, and how to work on it.

Thanks in advance.



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Check Table is for Field level Validation whereas Value table is for Domain Level Validations.

Value Table proposes table for check table.

I think you are clear with this.

more elaborate.


Check Table

The Check Table is the table used by system to check if a data exist or not exist.

While creating a table if you want to be sure that a field can have some values

and these are in a certain table, you can give IT this table as CHECK TABLE.

Value Table

This is maintained at Domain Level.

When ever you create a domain , you can entered allowed values. For example you go to Domain SHKZG - Debit/credit indicator.

Here only allowed values is H or S.

When ever you use this Domain, the system will forces you to enter only these values.

This is a sort of master check . .

To be maintained as a customization object.

This mean that if you want to enter values to this table you have to create a development request & transport the same.


1)check table will carry out the check for input values for the table field being entered in any application

and value table will provide values on F4 help for that table field.

2)The check table defines the foreign keys and is part of the table definition.

The value table is part of the domain definition.

check table is validation at field level.

value table is at domain level.

Value table is defined at the domain level and is used to provide F4 help for all the fields which refer to that domain.

Check table is defined against a field in SE11 if you want the values in that field to be checked against a list of valid values. For e.g. if you are using the field matnr in a table you could define MARA as the check table.

Also while defining a check table SAP proposes the value table as check table by default. Referring to the previous example if you tried to define a check table for the matnr field SAP would propose MARA as the check table.

1. what is the purpose / use ?

-- so that the user can select values

from some master table , for that field !!!!

2. This is done by

CHECK TABLE (foreign key concept)

(and not value table)

3. When we create a check table for a field,


some DEFAULT table is PROPOSED

4. that DEFAULT table is nothing

but PICKED up from the domain of that field,

and shown from the value of VALUE TABLE.

CHECK TABLE -it is a parent table.

for example..

i have two tables ZTAB1 and ZTAB2.

I have one common field in both the tables,i can make any ztable to be the check table .If i make Ztab1 to be the check table then when i have to make an entry in ztab2 i will check whether ztab1 is having that value or not..

its also field level checking..

Valuetable-It is nothing but default check table.

one parent can have n number of child tables.For example

For ztable we have zchild1 and zchild2 tables r there.

Its domain level checking..When zchild2 uses the same domain as used by zchild1 then the system automatically generates a popup saying a check table already exists would u want to maintain it.

go to domain and then press the value tab u can see the valuetable at the end...

Please refer the links below,

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try this:

Regards, Dieter