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Check printing for Self.

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Our client have one reqiurement. They are cash withdrawing from bank thru check. How to take self check print.

We have created one vendor as self & done the entry in FB60..(vendor CR to Petty cash DR) after that in F-58 we done payment & check print.( Outgoing bank Cr to Vendor Dr.) In check its printing as Self. But client is using FBCJ for petty cash. What we done in fb60 that value is not showing in FBCJ petty cash account. Can any help me how to do entry in sap for self check print.

Thanks in advance,

Preethi kadkol

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Hi Preethi,

I think you should manually write the description on the cheque.

In case of FB60, please note that you are booking expense as this T Code is used for booking Vendor Invoices Notes. So by posting a FB60 entry you are actually booking expense and then making payment to a vendor code with description "Self". Which will shoot up your expenses which have not incurred at all.

As rightly said by you, the FB60 entry will not reflect in FBCJ transaction.

Hence as per my knowledge you should book a Cash Receipt in FBCJ and write the cheque manually.