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Check PP order confirmation in QM

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Hi all,

     I need to check QALS table for cancelled PP order confirmations. In my case two type of products being processed. First type processed by pieces and other by meters. I have no problem with products processed by pieces. Inspection type for materials are 04. After PP confirmation inspection lot occurs in system (400....1). When I check this inspection lot in QA32, I see only one product with 20 Meters. I need to set character result for this material ( 2M x 10 pieces). So I used Zprogram for set character results. I insert character result in Z table. It is ok since now.

     When PP confirmation cancelled via CO13 I need to update my Z table for character results. I cant find any relation between QALS and AFRU tables for solution (maybe need to check different tables).  Only I can find AFRU-WABLNR = QALS-MBLNR. This solution not answer my problem. I need to uptade my Z table in CO13 with userexit.


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Hi, It is difficult to say unless it is known how and what data you are updating in to Z table. Would be great if you can explain more about what is character results and how this Z program works!

Order confirmations and goods movement are separate events, though can be executed through same transaction. Inspection lot has the reference of material document of 101 or 131 movement which you can find in QALS.

I think you want to cancel the results, if the confirmation is cancelled. And for this you are trying to reach out to inspection lot number with reference to confirmation number. . If you reverse material document after confirmation cancellation, then it will cancel inspection lot also.

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Hi, Thanks for reply.

     After confirmation cancelled in CO13 system automatically updates QALS-LMENGEZUB AND QALS-LMENGEIST fields to  zero.

     At same time i need to uptade characteristic result for that product confirmation in my Z table. I need to catch inspection lot number for cancelled PP confirmation.