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Check for claiming expenses before the travel request is approved

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We have implemented travel management module. The flow of process is as follows.

Employee raises a travel request using t-code TRIP_EWT. On saving the travel request a trip number is generated. The employee mails the travel request to the approver for approval (Note: No workflow is in place for approval of travel request). At this stage the status of the trip number is ‘Req recorded’ & ‘To be settled’. The approver using t-code PR05 enters the employee number and approves the travel request created. On approval of the travel request the status changes to ‘Req approved’ & ‘To be settled’.

On completion of the trip the employee claims the expenses through t-code PR05. After the expenses are entered the same is sent for approval.


However the employee can claim the expenses when the status of the trip is ‘Req recorded’ & ‘To be settled’ i.e. even before the travel request is approved. The client requires a check at this stage which stops the employee from claiming the expenses before the travel request is approved.

Please advice on the above issue.



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you can control this in authorization with objects AUTHF/ AUTHP.

the combination of status old/ status new indicates what you can do with a trip in status 1/1.

maybe you need two instances of auth object, e.g.

object 1:

status old W11

status new 10, 11

object 2:

status old W21

status new 30, 31

as a result, you will only be able to convert approved requests to an expense claim.

If you add status new 10, 11 to object 2, you can also change your already approved request and need to go for approval again.

in both cases, you will not be able to create an expense claim from a non-approved request

If you want to use same logics with ESS, it becomes more tricky because POWL will give you access to the trip without checking the combinations. So if one object contains W11, you can access, but if you try to save it with an expense transaction, you will get an error message AFTER doing all your entries.

As a workaround, some add on coding can be done



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Hi Nagendra,

can you send me any documents regarding the travel module. appreciated

my id



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I am facing the same issue. Could you please advice?

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I would recommend using the standard workflow WS 20000050 Approve travel request.

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Hi Barry,

Thanks for the reply.

We were not able to recommend the adoption of workflow to accommodate the issue due to their Organization Plan. The workflow does not give the option of choosing the approver and selects the approver from Organization plan which they are resisting for.

Is there any other way to bring this check in.

Thanks again for the reply.