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Check chars in material inspection setup.

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In my case i have inspection lot that i can't enter result in the chars. the flag in the 'check chars' in the material inspection setup was 'off'. when i changed it to 'on' is steel i can't enter result to this lot.

what i can do in this case with this lot' i want to enter result in the chars.

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Answers (2)

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Even if you do changes for existing lot you can not do it.

But just try Try to reset lot by QAC3 reset sample--enter in transaction with input inspection lot number..Once you enter in transaction just save it.

It will make your lot at CRTD( created stage ) again.

Again go in change lot & released ur lot.

I am not sure whether it will work for you but at least you can try on devlopment first then do in production.



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The setting will only apply to new lots created after the change. It will not affect existing lots.

You'll need to process the existing lot, (i.e. make a UD). Then manually create a new lot to record the results. You will probably want to create the new lot, test and record the resutls before donig the UD on the stock relevant lot. The manually created lot will not be stock relevant of course.

Future lots should then be ok.