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chart of depreciation dependent screen layout

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hi experts ,

anybody could tell ,what is chart depreciation dependent screen layout ? we are assigning asset master screen layout at asset class level. if i need at chart of depreciation level ,how can i define the screen layout at chart of depreciation ?

thanks in advance .

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Answers (2)

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thanks ,srinivasa

my doubt is cleared.

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Go to ANK1 Specify Chart-of-Dep.-Dependent Screen Layout/Acct Assignment) and assign asset class to Chart of Depreciation.

Generally, the control specifications (the screen layout and the account determination) for the asset class applies throughout the client, that is, for all charts of depreciation. It is therefore sufficient to make control specifications once per asset class.

You only need to carry out this step, if, contrary to the usual case, you want these control specifications to be country-specific (that is, different depending on the chart of depreciation). The system then uses the entries you make here depending on the chart of depreciation in the given company code. The system then ignores the control specifications in the asset class that are independent of the chart of depreciation.

Standard settings

The asset classes supplied with the standard system do not have control specifications that are specific to the chart of depreciation.


In most cases, you do not need entries that are specific to the chart of depreciation.


Enter your chart-of-depreciation-specific control specifications in the asset class, if needed.