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Dear All,

I have a large organisation that has operations spread across the globe in multiple coutries. If I have to design a Global Chart of Accounts for the org, with a <b>single</b> Controlling Area, I have the following queries:

1) How do I meet the statutory requirements of the many countries in the group?

2) Will my budgeting be done at the operating (global) chart of account level or at the country chart of account level?

3) Will it be possible to get reports for Profit and Cost Centres with reference to the country chart of accounts?

4) Certain accounts that are appearing in the country chart of accounts, would they need to appear in the operating chart of accounts as well?

5) GL account description is given at a chart of account level. How can I get a different description at the company code level? As of now, I see a country chart of accouts as the only solution. Is there an alternative?

Appreciate a prompt answer, points will be awarded!


Sameer Aroskar

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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To have common controlling the first requirement is you shoud have common operatonal COA and FY variant.

You can go for Common COA and to meet the country specific requirement can go for Country specific COA.

3.If you will have a common controllong you can have PCA/CCA report country/co code wide.

4.If you will adopt Common COA the Country specific COA detail will appear as alternative account in your operative COA.



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