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Characteristic value upload by CLMM tcode

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Hello All,

I want to mass upload the characteristic value for material class 001 by using CLMM transaction code, However I can only mass update the data for 10 materials at a time. I have to mass upload the characteristic value for 2000 materials. In the present scenario it woul be v

What could be the way I can paste all parts at a time and then mass upload?

Please suggest.

Thanks & regards.


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Hi all

It's kind of tricky but it works like this:


Do not enter any objects in that 10 rows table for target objects but click 'Find Object' button


On next screen, make a useful selection of objects if possible to narrow search. If not possible to narrow search, just klick "Find in initial class" button - system will return all objects belonging to the class you chose.


Now set a filter on the objects as you need it. Use multiple selection button to be able to paste values.


After system applied the filter, mark all entries and click the copy button (leftmost button in the middle of the screen). System will bring you back to the initial screen of CLMM and you will have that table filled with all the objects you need to change


Now carry out the mass change. If the new data you need to assign comes from a spreadsheet, make sure it is sorted by object. Now your are just a copy & paste away from completing the work. Although the system will prompt a success message instantly after you hit the save button it takes some seconds to complete (depending on the number of objects you changed).



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Did any one find the solution to upload more than 10 values in clmm using lsmw. Please let me know

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When you use the copy ( ctrl+c) instead of using ctl+v to paste, use the clipboard icon. This will paste all the values you copied as opposed to just 10 at a time. I have copied and pasted hundreds of materials using this method with no issue.

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Hi !!

Copy the materials, instead of using ctrl+v to paste the materials. Use the "clipboard" icon present with the select , deselect all icons to paste.

It will paste all the copied materials.

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Did you get any solution for this? How can we upload more than 10 objects from a list in the CLMM transaction?

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HI Sanjay,

I am also facing the same problem. If you got any solution then send me the deatils as well.



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anyone got any solution to this max of 10 materials limit?

pls help!

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Dear Sanjay,

Try using Mass transaction or you could take help of your ABAPER

You could also use LSMW/BDC.