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Charac. PM

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Hi Guru's

why we have maintaning characteristic in PM..

is it SAp standard characteristics or we have 2 maintained at our company level

n MIC and characteristics make ny effect on each other?


Abhishek Vyas

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Answers (2)

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In PM module Characterstics are very important. Suppose there is an electrical motor. Then it will have certain characterstics like Power, Input Voltage, Current rating, Number of Phase, Degree of Protection etc.

These characterstics are not available in SAP therefore we have to create it. Though some of the characterstics are availalbe abut not all are availalbe. Then we define a class and assign these characterstics to the class. Like we will assign above mentioned characterstics to the Class "MOTORS". We will have to create class also. Now allthe el;ectrcial motors of the plant which are assign to the class MOTORS will have these characterstics. Now u can eneter the value for each characterstcis as per the specifications provided by the vendor. You can ask further to clarify this topic.



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if you are inspecting an equipment and result recording then you have to maintain the MIC in task list for that

characteristic are different which is mainly used for classifying the objects and etc