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Changing WBS Numbering

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Hi All,

We are creating operational project copying standard project. We have not defined any coding mask however we replace template WBS numbers with system proposed numbers while creating operational project.

The numbering goes as follows -

US51-00001 ---- Project Number

US51-00001-100 --- Header WBS Number

All other child WBS number follows header WBS Number and hiphon user defined numbers. Ex - US51-00001-100-7348 etc. The last four degits are actually WBS numbers which were in legacy system. However we maintain entire structure as explained above in standard template which we always use to create new project. While creating new project, we relpace US51-00001 with system proposed new number.for Ex - US51-00028

Now we want to change numbering logic of header WBS as US51-00001-01-100 and sub-sequently for other child WBS Numbers.

We can change it in template as one time activity but how can we change the same in already created project? just something like replace - change and include? We cant use derive structure because we dont have coding mask in place

BR / Nish

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Answers (2)

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Try to change it in PB. Hope it will let you go with changes.



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The requriement is not possible.