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Changing UWL configuration --> best approach?

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we will implement UWL once going live with travel management. I've never done any configurations on the UWL and wanted to ask what approach should be taken for alterations.

For example: I want the manager using the UWL NOT to be able to assign Substitutors himself, I want to disable this option. So my first naive idea was, I'd download the uwl-standard.xml, delete the action-block "launchSubstitutionManager" and re-upload the file. Would this be working? Is this a good approach? I've also read forum entries where people had overlapping entries using "priority" to solve such matters.

Can anyone elaborate on this and guide me a bit? I want to avoid breaking my portal )

Cheers, Lukas

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Luke,

Definitely you might have checked this [link|]. If not please check it.

It has been mentioned that

1. On the Portal, choose Content Administration>Portal Content>Content Provided by SAP >End User Content> Standard Portal Users -->iViews >>Universal Worklist.

2. Under Property Category choose UWL.

3. Configure the UWL iView properties.

iView property name : Display substituted user selector

Provides support to allow substitution of tasks by other users. If substitution is not desired it can turned off through this property.

Note: This property is only displayed, if there are items which are handled by the user as substitute.

I hope you can turn off this property.



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Hi Raja,

thanks a ton. I must confess I didn't know of the possibility to manipulate the WD4J via these iView properties and I didn't find this myself since I was probably too obsessed with changing the UWL XML Configuration Files ;´-).

I could achieve all my requirements (so far) within minutes using the iView parameters!

thanks again & best regards!


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