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Changing TR description (after TR got released) did not work successfully. Any Alternatives?

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Hello All,

I had made some code changes in DEV environment and had captured it in a TR.
I had then released the TR but the TR description was maintained wrong and the TR got transported to the QA environment with the wrong description itself.

The mistake got noticed in QA and I soon corrected the TR description in both the tables (E070 & TMSBUFTXT) in both DEV and QA prior to it getting moved to the Prodcution environment.

After the TR got moved to Production, I found the TR had the wrong TR description only and no changes were reflecting although the QA and DEV showed the changed (correct) TR description.

Here is my SAP landscape:
Dev -> Quality -> Production

If anyone knows the reason behind this can you please let me know?
Also, can you tell me the best solution for doing this change in TR description properly?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You cannot/Should not make any changes to the released TR. You should not make changes to tables(E070 & TMSBUFTXT).

Although it is not advisable, recommend you to go through below links.





Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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After release no changes can be made. Additionally manual changes to E070 & TMSBUFTXT is not advisable.

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Released TR's can't be renamed, can try program RDDIT076 and convert TR to modifiable and rename. This can be handled before TR movements, once move try reimporting