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Changing System Currency & Foreign Currency - One time settings

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A client has been using SAP-B1 Hanna since 2015. The one time currency setting was agreed to be the same (Ethiopian Birr) for all local currency, system currency and foreign currency during the implementation. These settings are one time setting and can only be changed before any transactions are recorded. However, the company has been using the system for over three years. Currently the organization's need has changed and it wants to generate financial reports in both US dollars(Foreign Currency) and Ethiopian birr (Local Currency). Is there any way to change this setting, so that the organization can generate financial reports in two different currencies mentioned above? (i.e. to change the current setting for Foreign currency from Ethiopian Birr to US dollars?) Thank you in advance!!

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Hi Gustavo,

Thank you for your response. In SAP B1 also you can make each general ledger to be multiple currency or set it to a specific currency as needed. This helps only for transaction processing.

If you defined different currencies for Local, System and Foreign currencies on SAP B1 it will enable you to automatically generate reports in any of the three different currencies.

My problem is how to change the System and Foreign currencies from the current setting ETB(Ethiopian Birr) to USD and Euro respectively. This would have been easier if no transaction is posted. But the system has been in use for over 3 years. Once transactions are posted, this setting can not be changed, its a one time setting.

Thanks again,

Addis A.

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Hi Addis,

I don't know for SAP B1, but in ERP you could add a new ledger with the currency you need.

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Kind regards