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Changing ship to party address in sales order

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Hi All,

We have a scenario herein in sales order, the ship to party address is copied from some other ship to party address. Put simply if the ship to party in sales order 1 is A, the address of A will be copied from ship to party B. The ship to party B is in sales order 2. The ship to party in sales order 1 will remain A only but the address is copied from B ship to address

i just need to know where this kind of development must have been done. i.e the include program, exit etc.

i am trying to see exit EXIT_SAPLV09A_001, but i could not see it in se38?



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In first place why you want to have such a requirement. Why can't you have the correct address in the Ship to Party master record in the XD01 and assign correct ship to party at the sales order line item, so that correct address flows to the sales order line item.


Sold to Party A

Ship to Party A & Ship to Party B (Both are assigned in the Partner tab of Sold to Party A)

Ship to Party A has Address A & Ship to Party B has Address B (Ship to Party B was created with Account Group SHIP TO)

On the sales order line item, change the ship to party to Ship to Party B

So that you have correct address in the relevant line item.

As per your requirement, you have to have a Z table to keep the logic between hip to Party & relevant address.

If not, check below link for all User Exits in SD>

Find a correct one for your requirement.

Best regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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The transaction for user exits is SMOD or CMOD. User exits are usually the routines, if you start from SE38, you need to know the include/program name.

Quite honestly, the requirement seems a bit odd to me too. Doesn't make any sense...