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Changing route for a GATP location substituted orderline (TAPA/TAN)

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Hello All,

In implementing the GATP location substitution (old fashioned with sub-item line creation TAPA/TAN) we come across an issue.

The TAPA line holds the original route of course and the TAN line gets a route assigned through regular route determinations.

What we encounter is that frequently the customer will request a non-standard route (ie: courier, air versus road, etc.).

The TAN line in VA01/VA02 is "greyed out", all changes need to be made in the TAPA orderline.

When changing the route in the TAPA orderline, a new availability check is initiated by the system and seemingly nothing happens after accepting the location substitution again. However after saving and going back into the order the route does indeed change in the TAN line.

Confusing to users but result as requested.

This route cannot be changed back to the originally determined route again, whenever this is attempted in the TAPA orderline the TAN will retain the "changed" route unequal to the original TAPA orderline.

Have you encountered these inconsistencies also and how do you handle them?



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Hi Luigi,

I am facing the same problem here. Did you get your issue resolved? If yes, can you share the solution with me please?