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Changing proposed order quantity not possible

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Dear experts,

I have an issue with changing the order quantity (VBAP-KWMENG) in VA01/VA02 ...

I'll explain the problem :

In USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAP I check the material ... If it is a certain material, I get the quantity from a custom table and put the value in VBAP-KWMENG ... So far, so good ... When the user sees the item on screen, it all looks like it should be ... But if the user decides that the quantity should be something else and he tries to change it, the system always gives the value that has been proposed ...

Is there a possibility that the user can change this value ? I added a break-point in USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAP, but I don't stop there after the user has changed the value and pressed enter ...

Anyone who knows how to solve this ?

Thanks in advance !


Kurt Clement.

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Why don't you use Item Proposals instead? You can define a set of commonly used materials and their quantities.

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Hello Kari,

We have one particular material that is used with a predefined quantity ... If the sales-people decide to use another quantity this should be possible ... This is the reason why the quantity should be editable ... Only the first time (when entering the material), the quantity should be proposed ...



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For the materials which must have a default quantity in the sales order, create a item proposal condition record.


1. Creating Item Proposal:

     Go to VA51 - create item proposal:


Enter Item Proposal Type (ex MS) and Sales Area.

Press Enter.

Enter Material Numbers. Enter quantities.

Click on Save button.

2. Assigning Item Proposal to CMR:

     Go to XD02, select the customer for which you want an automatic item proposal.

In case you have a lot of customers, you can do this via MASS to update multiple customer master records at the same time.

Enter Item proposal item number.

Click on Save.

3. Create Sales Order:


Create a standard order. Enter the customer number.

Click on Item Proposal Icon:

Press Enter button / Default with quantity.

System copies all items and quantities from Item Proposal.

The user can manually change the quantity in the line item: