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Changing adm user password and Impact (SAP B1 HANA High Availaibility)

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We have a customer which we implemented SAP B1 HANA in High availibility (2 Hana server in a Cluster)

And they request a new <SID>adm password that they will share to a compagny for monitoring the server .

My question is , what is the impact of changing the password of the <SID>adm user (os) ?

It's a production system so it's very sensitive and we cannot accept the system to be down . Can SAP confirm that there will be no impact changing the password for this user in both cluster environnement please ?


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I tried to change the password of "sid"adm in a test environnement using the command passwd with the shell command after loggin . HANA server was down and i had "connect refused error" and could not use any command (HDB stop or HDB start) . I reseted the old password and relaunched the server for HANA to start .

What is the solution then ?

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