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Changes to MIC control indicators

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I need some help with MIC’s.

I have an actively used MIC assigned to QM plan / Reference operation set. The MIC uses a Class characteristic and is set as “Reference characteristic” and Quantitative. The Class characteristic is linked to Variant config tables.

One of the control indicators were initially set incorrectly and only became known recently:

Upper Specification Limit was set instead of Lower Specification Limit

I have tried various methods to try and change the indicator, without success – including:

  1. Removing class from MIC, then change control indicator, and then assign class back – but issued with error “The class char. and the master inspection char. are not compatible (Message no. QS081)”
  2. Creating new version of MIC – but field “Class char.” is not available for input
  3. Creating new MIC – but then error “Class charac. is already linked with master insp. charac….. (Message no. QS094)” – although I’ve removed “old” MIC from Reference operation set and Class char from “old” MIC.

I would appreciate any comments.

Kind regards


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I doubt you might need to create altogether new MIC and new Class Characteristic. Certain control indicators you can not change in MIC as they flow from Class Characteristic.  explains this in his useful article.


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Hi Anand;

Thanks for replying. I could not find a way and agree with your reply.

Thanks for the link - great article.