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Changes in PO after releasing

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Hi All,

Please answer the following question.

Scenario: I have created a PO & released it. However, another user has made some changes after releasing the PO. How can I make sure that the changes made by 2nd user will not reflect in the PO to Vendor?

Thanks in Advance

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Option-1: Make sure that the 2nd user should not have authorization to change the PO(ME22N).

Option-2: if 1st user created PO, 2nd user changed ,keep release Statergy for PO, so that PO need to approve /release and then send to vendor by print /e-mail.

Option-3: if 1st user created PO & PO is approved/released {_but PO not send to vendor_ } & , 2nd user changed the PO ,then keep Changeability 6 in release Statergy, so that if PO value changed , then PO need to approve again by approver and send to vendor..

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Biju K