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Changeover in depreciation key not working

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I have a requirement to set up a depreciation key which changes to no depreciation once the NBV is below a specific changeover value.
However, something seems to be wrong with my configuration, since the depreciation continues even though the changeover value is reached.

These are my settings in AFAMA:

Created a depreciation key with the following details:

Levels in depreciation key:

Settings for custom period control:

Settings for custom multilevel method (phase 2):

I have assigned the depreciation key to an asset with useful life 3 periods:

Change over value is set to 150 SEK:

Aquisition value of 300 results that no depreciation should be made in period 3 since 300-200 < 150. But depreciation is planned, as can be seen in the asset values and in test run in AFAB:

Why is not phase 2 being activated? What is missing in this customizing?

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Answers (2)

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I could not find the problem from above customizing, some detail setting is not included.
Is everything is ok but still not working, you can try change the changeover method into
2, and use the changeover% rate to set nbv% for changeover.

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Can you check the base method.Should it not be 0008-Ordinary: percentage from life as of changeover yr