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Change we change the NBV for an asset from 80 to 100.

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Solution needs to actually change the asset values to be in line with Italian GAAP. Current values are incorrect. Would the solutions above do this> For example if NBV is currently 80 but for Italian GAAP it needs to be 100 how would this be handled.

Thanks in advance


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Do you need to increase the NBV from 80 to 100 to only Italian GAAP area only?

Then create a custom TTY with reference to any standard TTY 7**, and limit that new TTY to post only to italian GAAP area only.

Then pass ABZU document using new TTY and enter amount as 20 and post. This will increase your italian GAAP area's NBV by 20.

This will solve your issue.



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Hi Srini

Thanks for the answer. I just forgot to mention that an asset in company A has NBV as 80 and intercompnay transfer should be done so that it should post 100 in the new company. Both companies are Italian companies. Please suggest.