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change unit price to 5 decimal places

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Dear Experts,

We have one type of inventory that has selling unit price with 5 decimal places. Is there as way to set specific inventory to display unit price with 5 decimal places or do I have to change the unit price for entire SAP?

Earlier I tired to change the unit price to 5 decimal places by going Administration > System Initialization > General Settings > Display and tried to change the “Price” field from 2 to 5 but the system gave me an error message that it can not updated while another user connected to the company even though I was the only user logged in to the SAP. Do you have any suggestion, how can I fix this issue? Currently, I am running SAP B1 8.80 pl 17.


Abdul Ranginwala

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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You have to change it system wide.

The additonal user is probably the additional services that are running.  Stop all non-Essential services.

Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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To change the decimal place of unit price, all users must log out from SAP B1 except the user who want to change the decimal place.All SBO sessions must be closed. After that, you can change it.

Increase the decimal place of existing document is not possible.


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hi abdul changing the unit decimal place in production system whete transactions data are already posted is not re omended. kindly check with experts or raise an issue with sap and make the changes