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Change the GL Account Type to Non-Recon Account

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Hi, the users are trying to post the entries into the GL Account and the system is giving an error that the Account XXX cannot be directly posted to as the Account has been set as Recon Account for type D.

Could you please advise as to how can we change the type of the GL Account.

Thanks in advance.


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You have created a reconciliation account for customers. Now you cannot post any entry to his account. Please create accounts for customers in customer master (these are called sub ledger account) and there you will have to give the reconciliation account number so that you could get the complete customers balance in one account.

And if you dont want to have this account as a reconciliation account than you can chage this by using T code OBAB

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Nitin Aggarwal

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Hi Nitin,

Thanks for the feedback, but I am trying to change the same uisng the T Code OBAB and find that this is for assignment of Spl GL Indicator. How can we change the type of the GL Account ?

Thanks once again.

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My friend, the account XXX as mentioned by you is a reconciliation account which is used for real-time integration of accounts payable/accounts receivable subledger with General Ledger. You cannot post to a reconciliation account and it is always updated automatically when a transaction is happening in a vendor or customer area. You understood ?

I mean to say, when you post a vendor invoice, the vendor is credited and you debit an expense account. However, the vendor balance gets updated in the GL account through the reconciliation account only.

Dr. purchase expenses 100

Cr. Vendor ABC 100

So this 100 for Vendor Credit is automatically reconciled in the GL area through this reconciliation account. It is for that purpose only and you cannot use it for any manual posting.

If I am clear to you, go ahead and create vendor/customer masters and select the reconciliation account in each master and post transactions.


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Hi Babu,

Thanks for the help. My problem is different. By mistake we set the GL Account as Recon type, now we want to convert the same to be Non-Recon Account.