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Change Storage location while receiving

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We have a requirement where we need to divert the Materials to different Storage location in MB01 depending on following conditions:

a) If Received quantity for Material A is more than 10000, change Storage location during GR from 1 to 2.

b) If no.of receipts done on Material A are more than 10 then change Storage location during GR from 1 to 2.

Storage location 1 - Storage location in PO

Storage location 2 - Quality check storage location

2 modules come into picture here, QM and MM.

Is there a standard way of doing this in QM or MM?

I think there should be as every company which uses Quality Management should divert goods to some storage location depending on some conditions while receiving.

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Answers (2)

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I am changing storage location using a BADI

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Hi Jagadish..,

Understand one thing. when a material is activated for quality inspection (ex. with inspection type 01). good will be posted to inspection stok not to unrestricted stock. you cannot use them till usaged decision.

if not satisfied with answer please come back.


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Well, thats another story. I used a BADI to clear Inspection flag when moving storage location other than QC storage location. But thats not my problem.

Is there a way to tell SAP to divert Materials to different storage locations depending on some conditions during receiving. One of the storage location in plant is QC location where we want to divert.