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Change Standard Price

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Hi people,

I have to change the Standard Price of the material, but the material already have moviments.

I know that the system doesn't allow to do that when the material has moviment.

But, I change that in the CKMM 3S to 2V. I Know it could give us some inconsistency (we are in quality Client).

n the sequency, I went in transaction MR21.

Could you tell me if it is ok, change the price in "Current Valuation Price"?

The system will know if it is to Standar Price?

The next step I will change again 2V to 3S.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rosana,

There is another way to change the current standard price for already moved materials.

Try this:

1) Do a new costing until the marking step (the standard price should be at the future by now);

2) Go to transaction MR21fill the posting date, company code and plant and then before you go to the next screen type "LTPC" on the command field (that field you usually use to call a transaction);

3) On the next screen type your material number, select the line and type Shift+F9;

4) Then save.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Under certain conditions you can change the Price Control :

1.From Std to Mov av price:

You can change at any time. Standard price will be taken for valuation

2. From Mov av pr to Stand price:

You can not change the price control if;

a) If the mat is a split valuation mat

b) If the standard price comes from costing and mov av price is not equal to standard price

If change is possible your mov av price will be the Standard price.