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Change sales area while copying contract from another contract

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Hello Gurus,

I am copying sales contract from another sales contract. I have maintained copy control accordingly.

Here i want to change sales area of being created sales area.


Sales area

Reference contract 1000-10-10

New Contract 2000-10-10

How can i control this ??...Where and what change should i made in copy control to achieve this ?

Thanks in advance...


Tarpan Vadaliya

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I believe this should be possible in SAP standard without any config changes.

Go to VA41.

Enter Contract Type & required Sales Area.

Then click on 'Create with Reference" & give the reference Contract Number.

If the Customer exists in both the Sales Areas there should not be any issue.

If your Customer does not exist in both the sales area, then go to T-Code - VTAA & select the Source & Target Contract Type (which would be same in your case).

He Header Copy Controls, under Copying Requirements, assign routine 002 - Header-diff.customer

Check & Revert.


Jignesh Mehta