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Change PO delivery costs after reversal of GR

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Dear colleagues,

Delivery costs are manually entered in PO. After PO, we are doing GR. Often it happened that delivery costs are entered with mistake and need to be corrected. We cancelled GR and after that tried to change delivery costs in PO, but it is not possible (gray field) and it is not possible to add new delivery cost even all GRs are reversed. Condition type’s condition category is B Delivery costs, and we need it because vendor for delivery costs is different from vendor for the goods.

For the business is only acceptable to change condition value in PO, but not to delete PO item and create new one or to adjust price via invoice.

Could you help me how to handle this situation?

Thank you,


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Answers (4)

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Hi Harry,..

You cannot make changes once you created the material document for purchase order.

delete the Purchase order items & create a new one or you can make changes directly in MIRO screen if you have not maintained the tolerance limit for Invoice Verification system will allow you to make changes in planned delivery cost.

Thanks & regards,

Ankur Chauhan

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Dear Harry,

I have stumbled upon this myself. Note 457511 explains that this is a standard behavior:

<removed by moderator - OSS notes are on purpose protected by user id and password - please do not post the note in public - user can logon to the market place and can read the note himself>

^Sorry for pasting directly. The relevant text within the note is under Question 6:

It is definitely an annoyance for the users. If someone can suggest a workaround to this, I will appreciate too!

Best regards,


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good morning Harry, Do check if there was a release strategy on the PO, if There was a release strategy try to get your stake holders unrelease (tcode me29n )the PO first and  change the PO.

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Hi, Please check the PO is open after you reverse all the GRs . If the PO is open then system will allow to add the delivery costs .How ever for such situations you can post the delivery costs as un planned delivery costs in the MIRO . pLEASE add the frieght vendor partner function in the vendor master of the PO so that the same will come into the PO too to add the frieght vendor . Since system posts FRIR during the GR posting , system will not allow to change the conditions . Please check once the PO is open with out a GR / IR it will normally allow . Regards