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Change output type of Purchase Order

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Hi All,

Is it possible to programmaticlly change(or add) the output medium in transaction me21n / me22n when a user creates a PO?

I've been able to config the system to allow the PO to either be emailed or faxed upon the user saving. There is a requirement that when the user clicks the save button through a pop up window they can either choose fax or email, and it must then either fax the PO off, or it must email it depending on what they selected.

Is this possible?


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U can do it, provide the desired Output types are configured in NACE.

Just look it in NACE > Output types 'EF' and select NEU click Processing routines,see what all output types defined.

Now Goto> tcode ME23n> choose an order> In essages>Check wether message type has the medium FAX or Email. Set the message Output type for ur desired and save,

Click on Further data and select at the time of saving.

For FAX you have to make some technical customizing in transaction SCOT in order to configure Fax connexion from SAP and then set the file fomrat you want for fax.

Remember that if you want to send Fax directly from SAP, SAP need to be connected to a Fax Card or a Fax Server .

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Hi Bala,

Yes, I have already setup NACE. I know one can Add or change the output medium in the Message of ME23N, and once you hit save it'll do accordingly. But I want to do this programmaticlly in the background in an automated way. Can this be done using a user-exit of some sorts? How can you edit the messages and output mediums using ABAP.