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Change of UOM in material master?

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I created a material with UOM (M)just now and than assigned to inspection plan. Now I am changing the UOM of material to Nos.. I was getting following

Error: The base unit of measure cannot be changed

The reasons for this are

Routings already exist that are assigned to the material.

RType RtgGrp GpC Plant

Q QRW6MTQT 1 1100

SO I removed the material from inspection plan. But still I am getting the same error. Can anybody tell me the reason behind it?


Kaushal Rai

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Kaushal,

You need to delete it from the table also.

The table is MAPL

To delete entry from table

1. Run trx SE16n (preferable) or SE16.

2. Enter the Table MAPL.

3. Enter the group and counter number.

4. Now in the command window (Where you type the T Codes) type "_&sap_edit_". And press enter.

5. A message such "SAP editing function is activated" will flash.

6. Execute

7. Delete the entry.

Then change the UOM



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