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Change of Chart of Accounts in SAP Business One

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Hi SAP Business One Experts

I hereby would like to know what the posibility is to change a company Chart of Accounts.

The company was linked to a Chart of Accounts and operated for couple of months (year). As this Chart of Accounts are also assigned to other company codes, the said company wants it own (new) Chart of Accounts.

Is it possible for a company that was operative to change its Chart of Accounts?

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Abdul. You can change the Chart of Accounts, but not easily. Just completed participating in a Chart of Accounts change with one Customer where Headquarters decided the CoA was going to change. They basically shoved the change onto the Customer without any discussion from personnel who knew what a shambles this could turn out to be. Changing the Chart of Accounts is actually a full-blown project and, sorry to say, the person in charge did not have a project plan in place. We got it done, but it was very messy and a jumble of activities with very little direction.

The project entails tranferring the balances from the old to the new GL Account, Updating the GL Account Determination, updating Item Group Settings, using "Service Type" documents to transfer BP Balances, closing out or canceling all open documents impacing Financials / Inventory, and a lot of other tasks. To explain the full scope of the effort would never be accomplished in this forum.

If the SAP B1 Partner had done it right, they should have just created a new Company in SAP B1 and completed a "mini (and much easier) implementation" using Quick Copy in some areas.

Take a very GOOD look and understand the ramifications before you go any further on this - believe me - the end result could be absolute turmoil...



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