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Change Number

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How to create a change number for a material?

Please Provide a step by step guidance, Is it possible send me a screen shot to create a change number.

Using the Change number, How can I create a revision level in BOM for that Material.

Thanks in Advance

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Dear Madhan Shan,

Assuming that you have done the SPRO settings for ECM,I'm

giving you the details.

Creating a change number for a material:

1.Without Release key ,Change Note Creation(Which’s used

for material creation& change)---- T.Code CC01----->The Type

must be Change Master----->Function must be Without

Release key.Press Enter.

2.Give the Description whatever you want

Give the Valid from date as system’s date(on which date you

are creating),As per your SPRO settings it will allow you to

mention the date.And give the change no status as 1 and

press enter.

3.Include the tick mark agianst material,document,Task list.

If the tick mark is not included means this change number

can’t be used for that particular object,

For Eg here we havn’t included for characteristic,so this cant

be used for creating or changing characteristics.

4.Save the data and the system gives you a message Change

number *** created.

5.Use this number while creating & changinthe material


Creating Change Number for BOM:

1.Use same T code CC01 for creating a change

number,select the radio button for with Release key or without

release key.

2.Enter the details as said for material.

3.Include the tick for the check boxes against BOM in Object


4.Use thisnumber for BOM creation & change.


1.Same ECN can be used for material & BOM,if the tick mark

is included for the check boxes against material,BOM in

Object Types in CC01 T code.

2.With Release key Change number is used for Rotuing &


3.If you use with release key change number for BOM,after

creating the BOM,release the change number key in CC02 t


4.Proper authorization object has to set in the authorization

profile of the users to strictly use this Change number.

Reward points and close this thread.

5.You have opened a thread in ERP forums under the same

topic.Please reward points also for that & close the thread.



Answers (2)

Answers (2)

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Any can send me a detail screen shot flow to create a change number for material.

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you can create change no. using transaction

CC01.Then u need to select the object types like material,BOM,Routings and then assign the objects(like material) for which this change no. is valid.

Then,when ever u go to change transactions,system will ask for the change no.U have to mention this change no. n changes will be booked under this,which give u a track of changes done.However,for more details refer the link below: