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change new company code without chnaging old PA and PSA

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From October, Globally Company code is going to change, So in HCM point of view, We need to Map Personal Area With Company Code From Effective Date/ go live date, There are Possibilities I have Checked to Delimit Personal Area and Subarea, We don’t want to change Personal Area with respect to Company Code, we want to Delimit Personal Area with Company Code. Personal Area and Subarea we need to be same but same time Company code Need to be change. We want to Keep Old record.

We don’t want to create new PA and PSA, as it is running smoothly, and some other place it may affect if we create New PA and PSA.

Please help me  with Solutions.




Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In customizing, assignment of Personnel area to company code does not have any validity period. Hence it is not possible to assign a personnel area to a new company code effective a date.

I think the best solution is to copy the personnel areas/subareas and assign these to the new company code. Copying the PA/PSA will retain most of the settings of the old PA/PSA.

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