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Change message QB301 from error to warning

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Hi everyone,

How do I change message QB301 to a warning message.

QB301 =  "Vendor's/manufacturer's QM system only valid to 04/30/2010"

My user requirement is to maintain the Required QM System for Vendor/Target QM system (MARC-QSSYS) for the material and in the quality inforecord maintain this with a validity date.

However it is a requirement to only receive a warning during PO creation if the QM system is not within validity date. Standard SAP issues message QB301 as an error.

I have tried to add this message to OMT4 in Purchasing, but this particular message is not allowed here.

For QM control key (0005 maintained in material master) the setting is set to Warning, but this does not affect message QB301.....

Do you have any suggestions?

Thank you in advance


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Answers (3)

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Hello judith,

This can be done by making appropriate entries in the table T100C. Please check the below link

Thanks ,


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Hi Judith,

It's genuine business requirement to make this error message as Warning during PO creation...

For this I believe you can make use of BAdI- QB_QM_SYSTEM_COMPARE.

This BAdI will called up in PO to verify Vendor QM system... in this BAdI, put your own code in such a way that it should influence the check of Target QM system validity. Take help from ABAP for this.

Hope this should resolve your issue.



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In my opinion.. it can be changed by enhancement only.

Please check the enhancement spot into program "MM06EFQM" and "FORM qm_check_qssys".

I recommend you check this with consultant & ABAPer.

Regards, DoWook KIM