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Change IView in Employee Self Service

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Dear Expert,

I want to change IView in Employee Self Service - Personal Information. Since IView assigned for my country does not consist of sufficient field required by my client, so I want to try to change IView in ESS to use IView from other country.

Please help if you have any information about how to do this.

Thanks & Regards,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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what iview are you looking at changing and what extra fields do you need is wat you need to identify.

for further reference pl follow the link pasted below

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Hi Barin,

Thanks for your reply.

Since my country grouping is 34 (Indonesia), then default IView used for Personal Data is default IView for country group 34. I want to change that default IView into IView used by other country, for instance, IView used in country group 14 (Malaysia).

Can anyone tell me how to do this ?



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please check the name of the java application available for malaysia. I think it is now you need to go to the resource configuration in spro and change the name of the application.

most important: I dont think this will solve the issue you have as if the employee belongs to a specific country and if you attach another country service then it results in config.

The approach that I would advise is take the service decide the custom field and modify the service.

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Hi Febrianti,

You can re-use country specific applications for personal data. You need to configure 3 settings in IMG->Personnel Management->Employee Self Service-> Own Data-> Reuse Country Specific Applications.

Help given at this tab describes necessary settings to be done.

You can also check note no:936179.



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