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Change in scale basis for pricing condition

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For one of my client, there is a sale pricing conditio nwith Scale Basis = B (Value scale). And there are some condition records maintained with this value scale.

However becuase of a change request, hthe scale basis of this condition type had to be changed to C (Quantity Scale). Now after this chaneg the existing condition records still show the the value scale.

I need to understand if this is the expected behaviour or should the existing conditio nrecords be changed/deleted with this chaneg in scale basis.

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Active Contributor
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Yes you need to create a new condition record and sale order; only then, the change will be taken care of.

G. Lakshmipathi

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Thanks Lakshmipathi.

This means that existing condition records (with value scale) have to be deleted and new records (with qty scale) have to be created.

Former Member
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either you can delete and create new condition records.

or directly create new condition record wih same keys it will over write the existing record.

However this will not effect orders already created.