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Change in Organization assignment date of employee with new designation

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Hi Guys,

In our organisation sap is started from 1st Jan,2004 & Payroll in Sap also started in 1st Jan ,2004.

at the time of implementation all the employee has been given the joining date 2004 or after 2004.

But now the authority want the employee whose designation is something before 2004 should also come in SAP generated report without any affect in payroll?

My first question is i it possible?

Secondly is it possible by organization reassignment action make the changes of employee designation or add employee designation before its organization assignment date



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Is a totally ridiculuous idea to load such data 7 years after go live, as colleagues have already pointed out..

Use workarounds. example, for each employee assign a custom PA infotype with start date and end date for each designation held before 2004.

This will obviously not come up in a standard report so develope 1 or 2 custom reports as needed which will look into custom infotype for data pre-2004 and in the proper structure after 2004.

The effort involevd in this custom development will be much more preferable comparted to investing effort in loading pre-2004 data.

We should not attempt something which will potentially impact on Payroll.