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change firmed planned order to Unfirm Planned order

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Hi ,

if we change firmed planned order to unfirm planned order ,is there any effect on WIP and routing changes?

please respond with an answer.



Edited by: REKHA MAHAJAN on Mar 31, 2008 1:34 PM

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hello Rekha,

It seems you are dealing with planned orders of PE Type and with multiple reporting points.

If this is the case then:

1. There will not be any impact on WIP (if at all the planned order quantity gets changs also) with the reporting point information you can handle the situation.

2. Both in LA & PE planned orders there is no link of routing.

Hence there will not be any effect by changing the firmed planned orders to unfimed state.



Answers (4)

Answers (4)

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Hi Friends,

Can you please tell me how to change the Firmed Flag of Planned Order to Unfirmed using ABAP code, i need the function module or BAPI to change the Planned Order Header data in APO.I tried the BAPI_MOSRVAPS_SAVEMULTI3 but it does not contain the header table fields.Please reply ASAP.

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Hi Rekha ,

planned order Unfirmed -

will allow automatic changes with respect to requirement

planned order firmed -

Any manual change in the planned order is called firmed

and will not allow any automatic changes with respect to requirement

Planned order is just the requirement only there will no change in the WIP .

for example : you have some requirement say PIR is 50 on 31st march you perform MRP

by selecting the MRP type so that you will get firmed planned order for 50

on 1st you have another requirement ( PIR ) for 100 and if you perform MRP again system will create another planned order if this is also firmed . you need to convert manually into production order.

once planned order is converted into production order and there is no link with either routing or

workin process with planned order and is meant for only open production orders . You can convert all the planned orders collectively also

if any doubt come back



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Hi Rekha,

The Firming Indicator is only for avoiding the system automatic changes to the planned order by the system.

Hence if you do not want to Firm the planned order you can just remove the indicator.

The system will adjust the Planned order according the the MRP situtaion. It may reshedule the planned order to match the current requirement.

Whereas if it is a Firmed planned order, no automatic changes will be done by the system during MRP.

Thanks and regards


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There is no change in WIP and routing.

Only when mrp run run system will change the planned order date & qty depends on the requirement.

When do net requirement calculation system consider firmed receipts (firmed planned order).

But if you unfirmed, it will not consider this planned order.