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Change currency in PO

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Hi All

scenario: User has created a PO with currency USD while vendor currency was EUR. It was user's mistake.

Then user entered invoice also. But after that he realized his mistake for currency. He wanted to change currency in PO from USD to EUR. so first he reversed the invoice. Goods receipts was not posted, so no reveresal of GR was required.

But still user is unable to chnage the currency in PO & getting message as Currency can no longer be changed

Message no. 06489

Could you please help me in this.



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Answers (3)

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Hi, Changing Message no. 06 489 is not possible, since it is hard coded message, Right option for you will be Close the PO & create new one.

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ANother option is to delete the existing line and create new PO line item with same requirement.


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As said by Florian, its possible to change the currency if the subsequent documents are already cancelled. But ensure you didn't have any GR for that PO. What scenario is this that you are posting Invoice before GR?

best way to cancel the PO, copy the deleted PO and create new one.

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Hi seesen_rs!

the process is called cash in advance - and quite popular

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if there are no subsequent documents (those must be reversed before), you can change the currency in the header data (tabstrip delivery/invoice) in the purchase order for all line items.

But I suggest our users in this case always to cancel the PO and create a new one.

in SPRO --> MM-Purchasing -->environment data -->

you can define attributes of system messages.

just add 06/489 and send them a warning message.

have fun


Edited by: Florian LINTNER on Jan 25, 2012 3:53 PM