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CFOP Wrong determination MM

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I have a question regarding the determination of CFOP in J_1BAON, We have a Non-sap integration with SAP that generates a Purchase order and its MIRO invoice for a freight service by BAPI.

The NFe created in J1B1N has partners such as provider (LF), payer (RG), merchant receiver (WE) among others.
In the determination of the CFOP for the material it is taking an incorrect path as it is determining that the freight is within the same state by the configuration of the supplier's master data and determines CFOP 1353, however we require that you take the configuration of the merchandise receiver that go outside the state to determine CFOP 2353.

We require to know if there is any configuration to indicate the J_1B_NF_CFOP_2_DETERMINATION function that the destination category must be taken from the merchandise receiver that is in a different state or to know if there is any function to set the correct CFOP without taking the standard determination.






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For someone need the answer, I  resolve this issue with estandar configuration adding a new rule in this apartment