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CFL from UDT (and UDO)

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Hello everyone.

I have the following problem.I have an matrix in a user's form that has 4 columns

Col_1 = Material Code
Col_2 = Material Name
Col_3 = Submaterial Code
Col_4 = Submaterial Name

I created a UDO called UDO_MATERIALS that associates two tables (master data and master data lines), this way in the UDO form I can fill my data. In this matrix I linked the first column with this UDO and works ok. It shows the CFL with the possible values. So far so good.
The problem is that in the Col_3 I should place another CFL for submaterials where, depending on the material you select in the first column, I'll show the possible options.

I can not do formatted searchs (the client does not allow it) I read  somewhere that it could be done by defining a new table of submaterials and create a UDO with it. And then in the table of submaterials of the first UDO (UDO_MATERIALES)  add a user field to link with the new UDO.
The problem is that when creating the user field does not give me the option to link it to a UDO.

Any ideas?

Thank you so much

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Answers (2)

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Hi Jose,

Have you tried applying conditions to the second CFL after the VALIDATE event on the first CFL?

Best regards,

Pedro Magueija

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Hi Jose,

The best way to that is to create another UDO for the SubMaterials with a UDF linked to the Materials Table :

myUserFieldsMD.TableName = "SubMaterialsUDT";

myUserFieldsMD.Name = fieldName;

myUserFieldsMD.Description = desc;

myUserFieldsMD.Type = type;

myUserFieldsMD.LinkedTable = "MaterialsUDT";


Then you will be able to make a CFL for the SubMaterials .


Mohamed BEGAA.

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Hello Mohamed.

There's something that's not clear for me.

Let me explain my structure and then you suggest what you think I might do.

I have 2 tables: U_MATERIALS (Master Data), U_SUBMATERIALS (Master Data Lines)

The table U_MATERIALS have 2 UDF: U_MatCod and U_MatName

The table U_SUBMATERIALS have another 2 UDF: U_SubMatCod and U_SubMatName

Originaly I created an UDO named UDO_MATANSUB which uses the two tables described before.

So far so good. This UDO added a form into my system and it's use to load data into DB.

On an user form I created a Matrix with 4 columns:

Col_1 for Material Code, Col_2 for Material Name, Col_3 for SubMaterial Code and Col_4 for SubMaterial Name. I took the second column (Col_2) and linked it to the UDO created before (UDO_MATANDSUB). This way a choose from list is added to the column and It works great!.

But, I need to Add another CFL on the 3rd column (Col_3) which loads the submaterial list. AND, this is very important, the CFL must be filled depending on what you selected on the first CFL (Materials).

What you suggested me is to create another UDO ONLY with the SubMaterials table and ADD an UDF linked to the material table.

First Question: Where should I create that UDF?...on the SubMaterial table?...or should I create a new table called U_SUBMATERIALAUX that contains this UDF and link it to the Materials Table?

Second Question: I want to keep my UDO form for uploading Materials and SubMaterials Data into DB. If I already have an UDO with both tables, I can't create another UDO only with SubMaterials table. What can I do?



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Hi Jose,

If you want to create one UDO for both Materials and SubMaterials, you will not be able to add a CFL for SubMaterials in the second column of your Matrix.

In this case the simples way to do is  using a combobox in the second column of your matrix and you fill it with SubMaterials once you have choose the material in the first CFL column.

Kind Regards.

Mohamed BEGAA.