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CFL filter with input values

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my CFL for Businesspartners (Objecttype 2) should get the actual typed input in the edittext field as a condition to filter the list. Enter "11" should set the conditions to "cardcode begins with '11'".

And secound for example, when I type the whole cardcode there should be no need to open the CFL! Actual the CFL opens and there is no entry in the list, so it's unpossible to enter the cardcode directly to the edittext item!

Is this by design and not possible to override?

I work on SBO 2007 SP01 PL9.

Kind regards


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Answers (2)

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ChooseFromListAlias is important, ObjectType 2 need "CardCode", ObjectType 4 needs "ItemCode" etc.

Setting this property via the Screenpainter don't throws any exception like descriped in the SDK helpfile.

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Hi Christian,

What you require is exactly how a CFL should work (ie only opens if you don't type a valid BP code and shows all BPs that contain the string you entered). I'm assuming you've not put any filtering on the CFL.

Could you post your code for the creation of the CFL?

Kind Regards,


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Thank you Owen!

it was helpful to say my expected behavior is right.

I was looking to the sample UI Code for CFL and now I remember, the ChooseFromListAlias is important for this.

kind regard!

Christian Bührig