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cenvat credit of additional duty of customs

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As per importer price of 10 units

Basic 100

Excise 10

Ecess 2

Shecess 1

AED 4.52

We bought 5 units from him we treat it as a case where tax code inclusive of all duties where a backward calculation is used in conditions in Purchase order.

problem is that we are purchasing a capital item.

duties cenvat crdit available for different duties other than AED is 50 this year and 50 % next year. For AED 100 % cenvar redit should be available but that is not happening.

what I saw in one of SAP notes is to make a MM condition ZADC and activate AED in tax code but that doest not help to get AED credit avilable 100 %.

other SAP note 943767 tells a different steps for ADC.

what should we do in this case i.e what all sap notes should be checked for in system so that we can get 100 cenvat credit of AED passed on by first stage dealer of Imported goods in india using a backward calculation situation.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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What pack level are u on

and if u using ECC 5 and Above , than i dont think u have to use any sap note.

In po u will have to use tax code that is have 0 % for your AED condition and 100% for AED condition total.

just like bed or ecess condition.

When u capture Excise duty for first stage delear haveing ADC , u will have to put IP in Addition excise tab near GRPO.

and in item leve material type should be other than raw material , Assect or consumables or tools.

hope u have configured IP for account determination

Onlt the trick to get 100% cenvat credit for First stage delar is to Put IP in front of GRPO and just check if u are able to c CVD indicator if it is there u have to tick that too.

hope this solves your issue

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