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cenvat clear account -urgent

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Following procedure we have followed.

1.0 Created PO with condition value :Rs. 154770.00 with Tax code V0. No taxes in PO

2.0 Captured Excise invoice by using J1IEX and selecting MRP indicator. Excise invoice generated.

3.0 Created GR and refered excise invoice number while posting GR document. GR posted Following entries happened

Material Stock Dr. 136138.00

GR/IR clearing Cr. 136138.00

4.0 Posted Excise Invoice T. Code J1IEX and Created Part-2 Entries

Cenvat Account Dr. 18602.00

Cenvat Clearing Cr. 18602.00

5.0 posted MIRO refering PO . Followign entries happend

Material Account Dr. 18602.00

GR/IR Clearing Dr. 136138.00

Vendor Payable Cr. 154770.00

I am wondering why system does not posted debit entry to Cenvat Clearing a/c i.e. 18602.00

Pls. let me know where I am wrong.



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Answers (1)

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Dear ,

Confirm me one thing have u changed the GR value at the time of MIRO if not then this will happen



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no i didn't change any value during the G.R. suggest the required values to be changed during G.R.

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i am not sure on this,

try using tax code for excise (not v0)