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CCMS Alerts Stopped working after about 8 months.

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Hello Experts,

I have configured CCMS alerts for Background jobs and ABAP dumps on Sandbox and Production and both were working fine for about 8 months or so and now the email alerts from Production system has stopped partially. it sometimes come but not regularly and that too only for background jobs. if I have 5 failed background job, it will send alert email only for one job only and will leave rest 4 background jobs. also ABAP dump alert emails are also not coming.

i have compared the configuration of Sandbox to production and everything seems same ie from SAP side, from OS side and also in CCMS Configuration everything seems same. also nothing has been upgraded in the system.

please note: if i trigger Auto-Reaction manually, the alerts email is received

please let me know if you need any logs or details.

Thanks and Regards

Ankur Ajane

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