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CCLM - Decommission Cockpit

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Hi All,

We have started collecting usage data using SCMON/UPL using CCLM.  Now we are in the process of analyzing decommission cockpit. lets say we started the jobs which collect data in Jan. We created a new analysis in decommission cockpit with option Analysis Period 13 months and wait time period 6 months.  This analysis shows some n number of objects to be decommissioned. My doubt is when should  we start looking at the object list? Will the object list get updated as I have provided  6 months waiting period to check if the object is used anytime in next 6 months?


Job Start Date : Jan

Analysis in Decommissioning cockpit - Jan 

When should we check object list in cockpit and start actually deleting the objects?

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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Object List will be generated soon after a Decommissioning Cockpit project is created.

It contains objects not used during project specified analysis period and project creation date.
In your sample, if I understands correctly decommissioning project was created in Jan. 2024.
so Object List should contain objects NOT used between Jan. 2023~Jan. 2024(13 months'
period as specified in project setting).

Object List will be updated regularly, whenever an object is used since Jan. 2024, object used status
column in object list will change from Green light to Red light. Meanwhile last used date and last used system
columns in Object List will also be updated.

Wait Time value in project setting does not have actual impact on object list result, it is only for customer 
own reference.

If an object has not been used(used status column has green light) through out the analysis period(Wait
), then you can consider deleting this object.