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CCA Assessments to COPA(KEU5)

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Hi All,

If i want to allocate my indirect costs from Cost centers to COPA using assessments and receiver rules is Variable portions and Value Field/Key figure is "Revenue" or “Gross Sales”.

What is the step by step process for this? How system will allocate costs to COPA, I mean on what basis? My receiving tracing factor Valuefield/Keyfield is "Revenue" or "Gross Sales" and No Scaling.

how system allocate costs from CCA to COPA?

Please explain me steps clearly and any help is appreciated.



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This is basic math and you should be able to work it out on a test server creating your own examples.

Say your Tracing Factor is "Net Sales" and the New Sales to two (for the sake of simplicity) of the PSGs is:

PSG A: $ 1000

PSG B: $ 2000

In KEU5, in the tab "Receiver Tracing Factor", you need to mention the weighing factor for each combination of the Receivers. Assuming these are the only two receivers you defined and you allocated a weighing factor of 100 and 10 to each, the tracing factors are calculated as:

PSG A: Tracing Factor: 1000 * 100 = 100,000

PSG B: Tracing Factor: 2000 * 10 = 20,000

The Sender Tracing Factor is therefore: 100,000 + 20,000 = 120,000

Now, if you have $ 12,000 to assess to the two PSGs based on "Net Sales", the cycle will yield:

PSG A: = 12,000 * (100000 / 120000) = $ 10,000

PSG B: = 12,000 * (20000 / 120000) = $ 2,000

Total Assessed: $ 12,000

Hope this helps.