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CATS Function Module

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Hello Friends,

I have a requirement related to time entry in CATS on the portal. The system should allow the employees to go beyond 4 weeks in the past and enter time. Is there some kind of a user exit or a function module which can restrict the employee from entering time in the past? I did change the CATS profile by setting up the lower limit but it works only on the SAP backend but not on the timesheet portal.



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below are the user exits and badi's available.


CATS0001 CATS: Set up worklist

CATS0002 CATS: Supplement recorded data

CATS0003 CATS: Validate recorded data

CATS0004 CATS: Deactivate functions in the user interface

CATS0005 CATS: Customer field enhancements

CATS0006 CATS: Validate entire time sheet

CATS0007 CATS: Subscreen on initial screen

CATS0008 CATS: Determine workflow recipients for approval

CATS0009 CATS: Customer-Specific Text Fields in Data Entry Section

CATS0010 CATS: Customer-Specific Text Fields in Worklist

CATS0011 CATS: Customer functions

CATS0012 CATS: Subscreen on data entry screen

CMFU0001 Define customer-specific screen layout

CMFU0002 Set parameters for time confirmation and goods movements

CNEX0002 PS Authorization check

CONF0001 Enhancements in order confirmation

CONFPM01 PM/SM order conf.: Determine cust. specific default values

CONFPM02 PM/SM order confirmation: Customer specific input checks 1

CONFPM03 PM/SM order conf.: Cust. spec. check after op. selection

CONFPM04 PM/SM order conf.: Customer specific input check 2

CONFPM05 PM/SM order conf.: Cust. specific enhancements when saving


CATS_DERIVATIVES Change of Derivation Values

CATS_REPORTING CATS Reporting and Approval

CATS_WORKLIST_ADDIN CATS: Structure Worklist Using BAdi

CATSBW_CUST_ISOURCE Transfer Control of Time Sheet Data into BW

CATSXT_EVENT CATSXT: Customer Fields and Data Checks

SFC_PROFILE BAdI PP/PI: SXS Assignments for Production Sched. Profile

WORKORDER_CONFIRM Business Add-In PM/PP/PS/PI Orders Operation: Confirm

WORKORDER_EXEC_STEPS Business Add-In: Connecting Execution Steps to Order

WORKORDER_GOODSMVT Business Add-In PM/PP/PS/PI orders: auto. goods movement


WORKORDER_REWORK Business Add-In PP Orders Operation: Rework

WORKORDER_TAB_SCEM Tab Page for SCEM Data - Order Header Detail

WORKORDER_UPDATE Business Add-In PM/PP/PS/PI Orders Operation: UPDATE


PM000050 Update confirmation

BOR Objects:

BUS2128 Maintenance order confirmation

BUS2129 Service order confirmation