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CATS Approval Authorizations

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We need to restrict the Approval of CATS Timesheets.

1. The Approver should not be able to approve his own timesheet

2. The approver should be able to approve only the timehsheets belonging to the employees belonging to Org Unit 'XXX'

How do we go about giving these authorizations


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Authorizations in CATS are given the same as they are given in HR Authorisations.

You can go ahead with authorizations giving at the role or user level and you can use all the restrictions that you can use in the HR module.

Follow the link:


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Thanks for the pointer to HR Authorization link. It is useful.

It would be great, if you could let me know is it possible to restrict the manager from approving timesheets that have been submitted to him.

If so, how?

For, right now, the CATS User A can submit the timesheet to the supervisor A and User B to Supervisor B. But both the supervisors can see all the timesheets from A and B.

A should only see As timesheet and B only Bs

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please check settings of P_ORGXX and P_ORIGIN in the user's profile.

If structural authorizations are activated you need to check those. In the employees' selection, CATS just reacts as all reports assigned to personnel data.



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