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Categorising invoices in SAP

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Dear all,

I am currently facing a problem as my customers want me to bill other parties for certain charges. For example, my customer Z's invoice has lines items A, B, C and D. The customer will only pay A and B. C and D will have to be collected from another company, say Y. Is it possible for me to add this additional information in SAP so that it will automatically bill Y instead of Z?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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In the sales order maintain different payer as per the line item to be billed.

Lets say you have item A & B for which you want to billed it to Z .So maintain payer as Z for A&B .

and for C&D maintain Y. Now when you try to create billing document system will split and create two billing doc automatically.

Hope this will help to resolve ur issue.


Krishna O

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